Training the Next Generation of Aviators

Caliber Aviation Training takes the curriculum for Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) to a new level of excellence. Our products have reimagined the CFI curriculum and training approach to create a comprehensive set of materials that support the development of competent, confident, and passionate instructors and aviators in the field.

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Our materials are designed to work beyond Practical Test Standards (PTS) and Airman Certification Standards (ACS) to provide pilots with a long-lasting set of skills, knowledge and expertise that will serve you whether you continue as an instructor or pursue other avenues in aviation.

CAT Materials are...


We take a real-world approach to CFI training. Our curriculum is scenario-based and provides a complete set of lesson plans that focuses not just on how to pass your check ride, but how to truly become a great instructor—providing both academic, yet real world approaches and creative thinking, so skills and knowledge become longstanding and second nature over time.


The pass rate of our materials is over 80% for participants regardless of your incoming experience. While other CFI programs might solely focus on a pass rate and let you go, we take a longer view—grounded in our mission of creating high-caliber flight instructors that in turn, create competent, passionate aviators.


Everything you need for your CFI rating is contained within our printed materials—no more searching and printing materials. Lesson plans come printed and are organized into logical modules. We offer flexibility to customize lesson planning, so you can prepare for your check ride, as well as have materials you can use with your students going forward, in addition to incorporating any aircraft specificity as needed.

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