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Interactive lesson plans and maneuver briefs to ensure you have the knowledge required to safely instruct others to fly as well as pass your check ride the first time.

After completing your training you be left with ready to use lesson plans for both the CFI Practical Test as well to instruct Private and Commercial pilots to meet ACS standards.


Who It's For

Our CFI Initial training system is for those pilots training for their CFI Initial check ride. Whether you are part way through your Aviation Instructor training or a commercial pilot about to begin training, our comprehensive lesson plans will ensure your success.

Areas of Focus

At Caliber we provide materials that are forward thinking. All areas of the Flight Instructor PTS are covered. However, the missing link comes after your check ride when you should use your lesson plans to train a student. Our lesson plans also cover all areas of the Private and Commercial ACS so you are covered for both your check ride and the actual training environment.



One price, the price that you see! All shipping and printing costs are included. At Caliber we are able to print the products for you, to save you both time and money. If you were to print CFI lesson plans on your own and organize them in a presentable manner, it is likely you will spend upwards of $1,000 for lesson plans, ink, tabs, etc. Our goal is to save you time and money, consider the admin work done!