More than just a check ride.

Who needs CAT Materials?


Students who are looking for efficient and effective materials to pass their CFI exam can use CAT materials to help structure their overall program and development. With a pass rate over 80%, our established lesson plans guide instruction, focusing on scenario-based content that builds longer, more durable understanding of materials.

Flight Instructors & Schools

Schools and instructors who are looking to set the bar high for their students and their own teaching reputation can use CAT materials to provide a comprehensive curriculum of high-quality materials underpinned by a deep commitment and passion of aviation, coupled with a high-pass rate. Built for flight instructors by flight instructors, we know there is more to CFI certification than just passing an exam.

Common FAQ's

To train an initial CFI, an instructor must have held their CFI for 24 months and provided at least 200 hours of flight instruction. Just because an instructor meets the above requirements does not mean they have the necessary experience. Using Caliber’s materials is a fail safe way to ensure you cover the necessary content at the appropriate level to be successful on your check ride.

There is a daunting amount of material required on check rides, especially for flight instructors. Caliber materials ensure every required area is covered that you could be examined on. Our materials are pre-printed and organized to save you time spent on administrative tasks so can focus on learning and presenting the material.

There are several considerations when it comes to purchasing your materials. First, are they printed or digital? Inevitably, you are going to print your materials – this can be quite costly, upwards of $300 to have semi-presentable lessons. Combine the printing costs with the cost of purchasing your lessons, likely you are close to $1,000. Our materials are pre-printed, organized and shipping included.

Secondly, what systems are used? Several existing lessons still reference a Cessna RG. This is likely not the aircraft you will use and not an appropriate way to teach. Our systems lessons are complete, yet enable you to teach the system of any airframe whether it’s a single engine piston or a Boeing 737.

Thirdly, how much time is required organizing materials after they are purchased? Your sole goal is to train. Our materials are ready out of the box.

We recommend you finish your required written tests before beginning CFI training. Next, obtain the materials you will use for the course. You can spend several weeks preparing materials or have everything that is required with a few clicks to use our comprehensive materials.

Yes! They can be difficult because there is a LOT of material. The material is not difficult. These topics are difficult because instructors try to teach the whole topic at once. This is an unrealistic approach to a check ride and real life. Both of these topics should be further broken down and delivered. We have made the breakdowns for you to make these topics seamless.

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