Caliber's Free Downloads!

Caliber’s Free Downloads! See below for various free downloads that can be used throughout your flying. Some materials are “extras” from our products and some are general materials that will support your aviating.

Aircraft Limitations

Know your aircraft limitations. Download for a list of limitations to ensure you know your aircraft.

Airworthiness Checklist

Use our checklist to backup the regulations and help make sure your aircraft is ready for VFR and IFR flight. We recommend you fill this out before each flight as part of your pre-flight preparation.

Airspace Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet to test your knowledge or take to your check ride as a reminder for airspace requirements: speed limits, aircraft equipment requirements, pilot requirements and more.

Airspace Description

Download for a graphical description of airspace to aid in understanding and applying airspace requirements.

VFR Navigation Log & TOLD Card

Use this VFR navigation log for cross country training and flying. We have incorporated a TOLD (takeoff and landing data) card to have important quick reference numbers at your fingertips in the cockpit. The TOLD card concept is important as this is what you will use flying jet aircraft.

Hyperlinked Reference Material

This download is a MUST for CFIs as it directly correlates to the CFI product. Hyperlinks take you to useful FAA and non-FAA sources to study, show your students or your examiner.